The imposing Kašperk Castle, built by order of the Roman Emperor and Czech King Charles IV, is the highest royal castle in Bohemia. It was built primarily to protect the Kašperk-Mountain Golden Trail, the gold mines and the nearby provincial border. It is located only 6 km as the crow flies from our cottage and 3 km from the town of Kašperské Hory. The castle offers several tour options including an interactive tour for children.

You can walk to the castle from the parking lot 1.5 km away. Lovers of fresh Šumava air and longer walks can choose one of the marked hiking trails that lead directly from Kašperské Hory. This option is ideal for a shorter afternoon trip.


Remains of a prehistoric Celtic hillfort above the valley of the Losenice River on the wooded ridge of Valy Hill. The highest fortification site in the Czech Republic can be found near the settlement of Popelná u Nicova, 5 km southeast of Kašperské Hory, in Zone I of the Šumava National Park. According to legend, the Giant’s Castle was the seat of nine giants in the past. Another legend says that a huge bone found here by the villagers served for many years as a footbridge over the Losenice river.


The former water sawmill is located on the Vydra River, before its confluence with the Křemelná. Built by Prague timber merchant Čeňek Bubeníček, it processed Šumava timber from the surrounding forests. In 1937, the construction of a new hydroelectric power plant Vydra began here, which was put into operation after two years and today is one of our most important technical monuments. Since 1995, the Čeněk sawmill has been protected as a cultural monument of the Czech Republic.


Lake bog belongs to the upland peat bogs located on the plateau of the Šumava Plains. It was declared a reserve in 1933. The area is 208 hectares, the average depth of the peat is 2.5 m and the highest thickness is 7.6 m. The strangely pointed peak of Antýgl (1 253 m) is visible across the waterfall.


The lookout tower is situated near the peak of the same name, about 6 km southeast of Sušice, at an altitude of 900 m.a.s.l. The lookout tower on Sedlo can be reached from the parking lot of the Pension pod Sedlem, near the village of Albrechtice. The panoramic view of the Sumava peaks from Javorník in the east, through Velký Roklan, Poledník, Velký Javor, Svatobor in the west and Kašperk Castle is particularly breathtaking in good visibility. It is also possible to see the peaks of the Bohemian Forest, Svatobor hill above Sušica, Rabí castle, part of the Pilsen region, the Prache region and the Strakonice region. In the surroundings of the lookout tower, the stone defensive ramparts of the 3,000-year-old Celtic fortification are still visible. Entrance to the lookout tower is free of charge.


One of the five lakes of glacial origin in Šumava is located approximately 5 kilometers from the village of Prášily at an altitude of 1080 meters. It covers an area of 3.75 ha and reaches a maximum depth of 14.9 m. A 150 m high karst wall rises above the Prášily lake. The enchanting scenery is completed by rock columns and stone seas. In the past, the lake water was used to float timber and therefore its dam was artificially raised. You can reach the village of Prášily by your own car, by bicycle, or during the summer holidays use the ecological bus, which also transports bicycles.


Velký Javor (German: Großer Arber) is the highest mountain in Sumava. It is located in Bavaria, about 7 km from Železná Ruda. From the Big Javor you can enjoy a perfect circular view of many peaks of the Bavarian Forest and Sumava and two glacial lakes. The peak is specific for its unusual flora for the local area, it is closer to the alpine character than the rest of the mountain range. The Big Maple is one of the most popular family ski resorts in the Bavarian Forest.


During the tourist season, from June to September, regular guided tours of the town are held for individual visitors. During the approximately 75-minute tour you will visit the Baroque Town Hall with the largest box nativity scene in Bohemia, the Town Hall underground, St. Margaret’s Church and the guide will introduce you to the interesting buildings of the historic square.


The wolf enclosure can be reached from the visitor center along a 1 km long nature trail, which introduces the life of the beast, which in the past belonged to the common life of the local forest. A 300-meter-long footbridge with a number of observation shelters leads directly through the enclosure at a height of 4-5 meters above the ground. Here you will find more interesting facts about the life of the wolf pack. Visitors with reduced mobility can watch the wolves in the enclosure using a controlled camera in the visitor center.